by Mr. Chair

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Debut release from Madison-based ensemble, Mr. Chair.

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released September 5, 2019

Ben Ferris - electric and upright basses
Mark Hetzler - trombone and electronics
Mike Koszewski - drums and percussion
Jason Kutz - piano and keyboards

All pieces produced by Mr. Chair
Recorded at Audio for the Arts, Madison, WI
Tracking Engineer: Buzz Kemper
Assistant Engineers: Audrey Martinovich and Noah Gilfillan
Mixing Engineer: Mike Zirkel
at Mike Zirkel Audio Services, Madison, WI
Mastering Engineer: Justin Perkins
at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
Vinyl Lacquering, Pressing, and Jacket Manufactering: Gotta Groove Records, Cleveland, OH
CD Packaging: Sooper Dooper, Madison, WI
Photos by Megan Aley and Ryan Gilman
Design by Jason Kutz


all rights reserved



Mr. Chair Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Purity
Stained brain heavy in my conscious
Living in a pompous moshpit of wicked animosity.
Then there’s poverty, treat us like novelty,
Disorient the image with the body now we copying
A false photog to just survive.
Not allotted my opinion, this is the system.
We walking intermissions from the purpose of the outcome is our revelation
I know its hard to let go
when fear’s teeth are too sharp and too deep and too real and too hungry for black skin
For my kin sake, I wish that every waking hour was peace on earth
Take another shower let the water work and drift from Earth to be immersed in the most loving vibratory state of mind
Reality isn’t manmade it’s from divine consciousness
Remember your formlessness
Before indoctrination, there was you without a hesitation.
Turn to your nature.
Notice there’s more than tears of joy in reflection.
There’s a longing for freedom longing for change.

It feels like I’m constantly aware
Of the burden in the bones that we share
The wear and tear of my optimism startles me to question, “Will it ever get better?”
“Will I ever really weather the storms that cover my path?”

Every time when I feel like I’m defeated
and my mind has become my worst critic.
I’m inclined to give in to the pressure
To never sing a melody when hate is running rampant, yeah.

Then a voice whispers softly,
“In this life you are the key.”
“Put your pride behind you.”
I’m leading with love in front of me.

Then the walls begin to crumble.
The mask shatters to pieces.
And the demons of the day won’t stand a chance in the wake of my light.

There’s a fire in your heart please tell me will you take it there.

In with the new out with the old.
Don’t put it out just let it grow.
You thought you knew but it unfolds in your lap of the simple fact,
That when you were made,
You are perfect and pure.

The closet calls for lies to be released.
Underneath the bed screams for spring cleaning.
Master the monsters that strive to take your energy.
Complacency costs your soul will you pay the fee.
Will you take the leap, forget the danger?
Will you help the weak, or any stranger?
That's in need? Let your guard down.
Because they’ll feed on fear that's not real.

Our separation is in our imagination.
Divide us then they conquered us for generations.
Where do we go from here?

This is your life. Take it by control.
If there’s a will there’s a way.
Track Name: Blue
Blue - by Buzz Kemper

In the pocket
450 nanometers, no less
495 nanometers, no more
Exists only within these bounds, but functions best outside them
Beyond literal existence
As metaphor, it’s power increases exponentially

In nature… beautiful
Ah, in art… beautiful, grotesque, timeless, inter-dimensional,
of deep strength, of wisdom, truth, peace, refined grace, integrity, reverence
It is the throat chakra, and thus communication, free will, understanding, support
In the hands of the Reiki Master… healing
Hah, in Picasso’s hands… prostitutes, beggars and drunks
I wonder if the old guitarist has the blues

Its mood is dour and sad
Its music travels locally, from one to four to five
Tells us what happened when you woke up this morning
When you work up this morning!

The sky
The space beyond the sky
The Earth seen from the space beyond the sky
A color unavailable to Homer, his was a wine-dark sea
A descriptor employed for lack of a four letter word
Conciseness graciously steps aside and cedes to poetry

Sagan’s pale dot
A dust speck in space upon which is everything you have ever experienced,
Everyone you have ever loved
Astronomical and Infinitesimal
The great equalizer


But then, colors begin to run, to fade, to bleed
And everything gets fuzzy

450 nanometers, no less
495 nanometers, no more
Exists within these boundaries, but beyond them is where it lives
Track Name: Gnossienne No. 1
Lent (Slow)
Très luisant (Very radiant)
Questionnez! (Ask!)
Du bout de la pensée (Deep in thought)
Postulez en vous-meme (Make demands on yourself)
Pas a Pas (Step by step)
Sur la langue (On the tip of the tongue)

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